long summer holiday - Slovenia

Next country is Slovenia.
We moved to Ljubljana by train from Zagreb, Croatia.
Croatia is not EU member,
so we had the custom and passport control in the train.

Postaja Cave (Postojnska Jama), the Europian biggest class cave....
It was such a huge space in the cave, and very chilly! 9-10℃.....
I cannot imagine how small they grow in a year,
so this means they have stayed here for ages....

People used to built the castles everywhere,
but can you imagine in the cave?

my favorite texture and colours on the castle's wall, the great combination...
The forest and the sky from the cave....

Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia.
There are beautiful coloured buildings, the river, the hill and the castle.
This remind me of my favorite castle in Edinburgh.

The next city, Bled.
There is a big lake and a small island in there, again castle on the hill.
How beautiful.......