Glasgow School of Art Degree Show

It was such a nice day in Glasgow.
I went to Glasgow School of Art, I have been before,
but I did not see the interior properly.
It has the stunning interior and exterior, really beautiful.
I cannot believe it was built more then 100 years ago.

Also their works are amazing, very different from eca's.
It was really nice day for me to feel the fresh air from their works,
the Mackintosh architecture, Glasgow's atmosphere and the sun.
I could take an objective view for my works in comparison with their works,
which are at the same starting points as graduating students.
I love the painting of Gabriella Boyd and the jewellery of Patrick Davison.

By the way, it seemed this is also one of their works. 
She is not just sleeping on the floor. 

The beautiful light through glass windows in GOMA.


degree show private view

It was Private View tonight,
and I met many people and had nice comments.
I really appreciate your comments, thank you for your coming!


eca Degree Show

Finally, our Degree show has started!!
It was business view last night, and I could talk to many people,
had nice reviews and managed to sell some works.

photographer : Agnieszka Tarnowska
make up artist : Marta Marcinkowska

Please come and see our work at eca, Evolution House 2nd floor.
For more information, please find on eca website,
and for students' works, it is from here.



I have made some new brooch after the last submission,
but I am still considering how I could make more sculptural brooch.

This new one was made from the design which I made for an earring.
However, as for the scale-wise, it has turned out to be very flat surface...
hmmm, I still need to do some more research!


gold work

I have got a sheet of 14ct gold.
This is my first time to use this much gold.
Is is only 0.5mm thickness, 22mm x 25mm, but costs about £80.
This is a bursary from the Scottish Goldsmiths Trust.

I am struggling with my design at the moment, because I felt like
my designs are always very flat structure.
I do not think more 3D structure is always great,
however I think there are something missing in my work.
This is the next step for me.

I sowed apples' seeds the other day, and they sprouted up.
It is really interesting how they know the direction of the sun.

On the other hand, leaves sprouted from the leaves, not from seeds.
It is amazing how the plants survive.