something I love....

I have not posted here for a while....
After I had my first international trade fair in Munich, Inhorgenta,
I went back home, to Japan and flew to Hawaii for my sister's wedding.
It was really nice to see my family and friends there,
and also the time in Tokyo was greatly refreshing time for me.

in Hawaii island.
The huge lava landscape and the Mauna Kea covered with snow.

Japan from the sky and Tokyo.

Inhorgenta was a great stimulus for me in meeting professionals and industries.  Every single thing encouraged me there Those wonderful opportunities keep me going.

It's Easter here, and students are on holiday, and I have finished preparing all my shows this month, so I have time to do some for me!

I am trying to refreshing my head to look at things I love!
Of course, I love Japanese architecture which inspires me in my jewellery, but I am looking at more original interests in my mind!
Those are some things I love.

I cannot stop looking at them!! They are so beautiful and attractive. sexy!
Let's see what is going to happen next!


Visual Arts Scotland in Edinburgh

Currently, one set of my work is displayed at Royal Scottish Academy in Edinburgh. It is on until 1st March 2012, please come and visit there.
There are so many fantastic works. I love the paintings!!

Also, Alice Bo-Wen Chang who graduated from MFA Edinburgh College of Art in 2011, is one of my studio mates and showing her works as well. I love Misun Won's jewellery as well. She also graduated from Edinburgh College of Art.


Happy New Year...in Feb

Late Happy New Year.....
Being busy and thinking about something new....
This year would be a challenging year!

I am currently organizing my works for some shows starting next week 
and in March, but still confusing what to show and what to make....

Please come and see me!