my photobook!

Finally, I have made my photobook!

In this photobook, it includes lots of my efforts,
like editing more than 200 pictures in Photoshop,
and shooting some more additional pictures, collages and so on....
However I am really glad to finish this to show people!
I made some drawing as well in this book.


a beautiful day

After stayed at home for a week, doing photo editing and portfolio works,
I really felt like getting out from my room to get fresh air!

I had a walk down to Princess Garden.
It has not been raining for a while, so it seemed the trees and flowers
have got lively in wet.


costume and display

I have been thinking some display design for degree show.
I have not decided how to hand or put my works,
but this is the most essential part,
because my works will be shown to the public.

what should I prepare....? how and where and some colours...?? hmmmmm

Those are earrings....

One more collaboration work with a girl in performance costume department,
Ilona Russell. She wants to have a neck piece which looks like candies! 
It looks so sweet!!

her drawings...

and her costume of Peter. I made the nail parts for her!
This work is now on line!

(photo by Ilona Russell)

Also some additional things for the fashion collaboration.
I have not made any of those buttons, but just heated by gas torch 
to achieve this texture which the girl in fashion department 
got inspirations from Cambodian temples.


I made the other test piece before.


another earrings

Those are another collection of earrings.
None of them are pairs... so you can pick any of them which you love most!

And there is not much time left till the final hand-in.
I am now thinking to choose what I should make from now....
However I really wanna make something from this design.
This structure has obsessed me so much since the beginning of 4th year.


a sunny weekend

It is a real spring here in Edinburgh.
Flowers has bloomed and the green is bright.
Plants are growing toward the sun and they are lively.
They give us the fresh air and they let us enjoy with their colours.

There are some new collections.
Now I am still making some more new stuff, but at the same time,
I try to clean and finish my pieces in professional ways!

This is one more thing for the fashion collaboration.


some more pottery

I have not updated my pottery. Here, there are some more.
My wheeling skill has developed further!
I would like to do more practice to get professional ones.

easter is there...

The Easter holiday is almost there,
it means our course is finishing soon...
I am sure I will miss my studio and time with my friends.

I have got an easter egg today from a girl in the costume and performance.
I made the nail pieces for her costume! I cannot wait for the show!
This is a huge chocolate egg, I cannot decide when to eat it!

and some more developments...
I have enough pieces for my degree show, but I still keep making more.


fashion collaboration

I made those bangles for a fashion student.
Those are bronze and solder silver powder on its surface
and patinated with ammonia. It has a amazing beautiful colour, isn't it??

and... those are not coookies...but ceramic pieces I have been developing 
in my ceramics class. I did not intended to use some ceramics, but I could??

Now I start thinking what else I could do in rest of my time in college.
Even it is not for my degree show, my student life will be about a month,
so I would like to do as much as possible, and use this time effectively!
and more productive, but I am not stressful, I really enjoy my work now.