my graduation

I had totally forgot about my graduation till my friends told me.
We were all away for New Designers in London last July,
so we attended to this late graduation.

I have never thought this moment would come when I came to Edinburgh.
I have spent most of my time here in the studio, making and making..
It was really precious time in thinking about designs all the time.

I am glad to see most of my classmates again Edinburgh.


one more collection...

I have just finished packing all my works!
They are going to, flying for London, tomorrow!
Please looking forward to seeing them.

Please be nice to people, my sweet babies!


some shows in London...

Some shows have started in London this week!
Please visit my work, there.

"Dazzle Special"

7th November 2011 - 8th January 2012
National Theater, South Bank, London SE1 9PX

About Dazzle from here.
My page at Dazzle from here.
National Theater's page from here.
Many jewellers from my class and also graduates are showing as well.

"The Designer Jewellers Group's annual Winter Exhibition" 
9th November 2011 - 6th January 2012
Barbican Centre, Silk Street, London EC2Y 8DS

About DJG website.
My page at DJG website
Barbican website.

We, 6 jewellers who are selected at New Designers last July, are guest exhibitors for this exhibition!

"Precious Space"
November 2011 to 14th January 2012
Gill Wing, 192 Upper Street islington, London N1 1RQ

About Gill Wing Jewellery website.


some more photos from GNCCF, Manchester

There are some professional photos from Great Northern Contemporary
Craft Fair, Graduates. Please have a look at out show online.

Photo by: GNCCF Faye Hatton