North Berwick

Today, it was a refreshing day with my classmates.
I have not travelled much in Scotland, so it was a great discovery for me.

North Berwick is located to the east of Edinburgh.
It was a really nice view from a train.

This is my favorite island from the beach, the Bass Rock. It is beautiful.

There were so many different stones and rocks there.
Can you imagine how long they have spent time there, at the same place?
Under the sky, they are always sitting there, just still and quiet.
I cannot stop thinking how nature is great, and we are just a part of it.


my dissertation done!

I have handed in my dissertation today.
It has been a quite long way and I did not want to read it anymore,
even though I had to check its contents....
However, it is a really nice feeling to see it bound.
Now it is off my hands!! I will say to me "well done!"

and recent new stuff...


my home, Japan.

It has been a week after the devastating earth quake stoke
my country, Japan.
The damages have been revealed gradually, and I am stunned by news everyday.

Japan has numerous disasters.
There are the season, beautiful nature, delicious food,
and wonderful people.
However, those attractions of Japan have been created under the severe circumstances surrounded the island of Japan.

Every year, Japan encounters and fights against many disasters: floods, typhoons, earthquakes, Tsunami, and volcanos.
We Japanese still live in there, and have never left the country.

We have prepared for disasters, investigated the natural forces and developed new technologies to protect us.
As far as we cannot control the natural forces, we are often overwhelmed by nature and cannot handle it at all.
It is not such a easy story that we could move to other countries because we are suffered by disasters. This is the patriotism and also this reminds me of such a wonderful word: our mother country.

Our life is tough: well-disciplined manners, hard-working and cooperativeness. Moreover, the changes of the seasons are severe and disasters attack us.

Still,for me, Japan is a place to go back; it is my home.
I appreciate my family to give a birth and I am proud of Japanese.

I have a possibility to encounter a disaster in the future.
We Japanese always face natural forces which we never perfectly prepared for, even though we prepare enough.
We always live with and face fears of disasters which are hard to predict.

After the world war, Japan has been rapidly rehabilitated and now become one of leading countries.
Although it has been in recent economic recession, most of people have affluent lives which are far from poverty.
I assume we have lost something important in this convenient society.
Today, many thing such as water, power, information, and even human relationships can be controlled by pressing buttons: on or off.
We have lost the senses or ideas of making, creating, and getting with sweat and slave, and also kind considerations for others.
We have lost them in the last 50 years, which were existed in our grandparents' generation.

This catastrophic earthquake has taught us how our modern society is easily collapsed by the natural forces and how we rely on complicated systems which we do not understand well. We cannot get things after disasters which we could get too easily before.

I feel furies at this earthquake which take numerous people's lives.
I have never satisfied myself by taking my anger out on this earthquake which makes my country totally confused.
However, this earthquake has taught us that it is the time to rethink our lives and our values.

After the war, people were poor but they smiled, and they had hopes.
Today, people are busy, feel lonely, and lack warmth.
However, in order to support this catastrophe, Japanese in Japan, and Japanese in overseas, they unite against a crisis together.
They all work and study hard to rebuild Japan and support future Japan.
I am moved by their enthusiasm.
We Japanese have never gave up in adversity at any moment in our history.

I support Japan and I am a Japanese, whatever happens to Japan.
And also we really appreciate lots of heartwarming supports from many countries. Thank you, thank you so much.

I have been doing a fundraising at my college.
Thank you for everybody's warm messages and donations.













keep on making new works

This is my view on my bench.
I have been looking at this view for about 10 hours everyday.
It seems it is not comfortable to spend most of the time here.
It is very nice on a sunny day, I can see a great view of Edinburgh,
but at the same time, it is really chilly at night and winter days.
I can concentrate most and lots of stuff has been created here.

Those are some new ideas I have been developing this month.


pray for Japan...

A big earthquake stroke Japan.
I cannot describe my feeling, just empty in front of the images on TV.
Again, I have realized how much I love my country and miss my country.
I love so much my country, nature and people.
It is really far away here from Japan, but I can still pray for them.
Please, Please do not damage Japan any more. Everybody, please be safe.

'The Stairwell Project' by Richard Wright


trying them on

When I just explore my idea into jewellery, some sort of 3D objects,
I often ignore how they feel in putting them on body.
I am not making just objects, so they have to be put on a body somehow....
Today, I was trying on my earrings which were made from some spare pieces.
It is not heavy and has good sounds. This is also one of my practices.
Also I am glad many people like them, 
but those are not going to be on my degree show though. 

and, spring is nearly there.
The sun is brighter and the sky is higher.
I am really waiting for summer!


finishing or not finihsing....

I suppose it is the right time to finish some of my works, but....

Some of them cannot be finished
because I still need to add more pieces.......

Some of them cannot be finished because
I am not sure my design will work on body.....

Some of them cannot be finished
because I might change some of the parts later.....

Some of them cannot be finished
because I am not sure about my design, balance, colours........

Those are not my excuses...This is my big issues now.
I need to struggle with them, yes, they are my great practice.


late working in the studio...

I am wondering, wondering, wondering, wondering and wondering many things
today in my studio and on the way home, about my design, future,
and myself.... I am not stressful, just on a big wave of concerns.

Then my lovely classmate gave me a chocolate!
This is my first creme egg in my entire life, it is really tasty, thanks!
You know, how much one tasty food makes my concerns trivial matters.

I am not avoiding to face the matters,
but just for a while, being away from them.

Things have always starts and ends, and always come together with concerns.
Concerns seem bigger at the beginning and the ending, and never disappear.
I love concerns and happenings, because they enrich my life,
also I love to enjoy them with my lovely friends.
Am I doing here? not enough??