It has been snowing since last Friday.
This has been the earliest snowfall for 17 years!
I love Edinburgh when covered with snow, very quiet and beautiful.

Also, I have struggled with my work for a while....
I thought I was achieving somewhere with many test pieces,
but at the moment, I feel like I lost my way in Japanese architecture..
But I quite like all of them, the texture, quality, and weight.
I try to kick myself ahead more and more!! also dissertation....



I have been thinking about the space, form
and patterns of Japanese architecture. I am currently trying many things
at one time, so my brain is totally full, panicked!
Space, shape, texture, pattern, colour, concepts, and meaning, mmmm......
Also, it is very important for me to read some books
of Japanese architecture in order to know more about the background
and history rooted deeply in Japanese culture.

Here, some samples of creatig space and texture of natural materials.




Tatami is a straw mat in Japanese house; the size is 90cm x 180cm.
At the moment, I focus on elements of teahouse, of course tatami!
Most of the teahouse has about four and a half tatami mats inside,
which means they serve the green tea in that small area.
Again, I have started making models from teahouse's elements
and play around them!


Oh, also I drew a line to see the scale of real tatami mat in my studio.
This is not a barrier between you, just come and see me here,
I will make a cup(bowl?) of green tea! Bend your knees and sit here!?
I felt it is quite big for one tatami, don't you think so?


arthur's seat

These days, it rains every day, but I am a sunny girl,
and also my friend is, so it is always no rain when we go out, great!
Probably, this "sunny girl" is our definition in Japanese culture.
It was chilly last night, but the clear sky and half moon.


it's a day for paper models.

Today, I have been making paper models all day for 5 hours,
listening to Japanese music. It was really really nice to put ipod on
in the studio to concentrate myself. Fantastic day!

I didn't use any torch or metal, just paper and glue,
which is good to change my way of developing ideas,
because I always start making by metal. Before making by metal,
it is essential to see scale and structure by models.


It allows me to expand lots of possibilities in many ways, great.
It does not matter if it becomes sculpture, jewellery or just object.
I have not committed myself to be a jeweller, but an artist.
"see what happens!"


I have been fascinated by Japanese architecture since last term,
so I am currently making some samples with the elements of it.
Those are samples and tests for my future pieces.
"see what happens!"

I am keen on thinking of comfort and touch of my pieces,
because I make jewellery and it is body pieces,
which is supposed to be put or touch on bodies.


Possibly one of neck piece or brooch or....?

It has been wonderful autumn already in Edinburgh! Pretty!