I love the skyline of Edinburgh.

This week, I have been making a model and presentation board
for a silversmithing competition. I have not done any silversmithing,
so it was a really good practice to think about designs.

I took the skyline of Edinburgh for my design.
I used this idea for my jewellery, too.
So you might see how much I love it! because it is really lovely!

I have chosen a sweet pea for my vessels, so you might enjoy 
various colours of the skyline by putting
different colours of sweet peas in the vessels,
as if the skyline flows into your room!

One morning, I caught the sun in my living room, beautiful.


more brooches...

I have fixed the broken brooches, and finished one more.
I quite like the quality of those, however I stepped back a little bit
from what I have done recently and think calmly what I am missing.

It is really a hard time to be in this status, but this is also my process.
I am trying to enjoy this process.

Also, in addition to the architectural elements,
I really want to use ideas of space, hidden space, and holding pieces.


one more...

I finished one more today, it is again one of the flat series.
I like to make it gorgeous on the back. Although no one notices,
it is something hidden,and an important element of "jewellery".
Only a wearer knows, a secret place.


a peaceful day

It was a warm day, so I took a walk to refresh myself.
Sometimes I really need to view this great landscape
and feel the natural powers, otherwise, it will be just
going back and forth between the studio and my flat...


broken brooches...

I was meaning to finish 4 brooches this week as a simple & flat series.
However, I struggled for brooch pins...and finally I broke 2 of them...
The stainless steel is really hard... and also they are enameled...

The tube came off...

This is successful one!

I have learned today, it is not good to do in rush...


some new discoveries

I got them fired this week, and two of them are made by different cray,
so they are very black and coarse texture, which look like Raku!
I love them, and try to eat something with those.


mid term assessment

We had a mid term assessment yesterday and feedback today.
I quite satisfied what I have found and done this semester, but
I also know what lacks in my work, and what I need to do next.

This is all my work (the front half of the table) during this semester....

Those works are all research and process, so...
Now, it is the time to start thinking of final designs....


some more pottery

There are more pottery I did last month, I am getting better on wheel?
I love ceramics more and more!


first day in my studio

You know how much I love being in the studio,
yes, it was the first day after the holiday.

I got some ideas during holiday, so I am still making some samples again.

I do not have much time to decide what to make for my final designs,
so became a little bit nervous but exciting!

and one scene from my late working in my room...


A happy new year!

I welcomed a new year, 2011, in Edinburgh with torches and fireworks.
I wish it would be a great year for me and everyone!

Also, this year will be my final year at the college.
I cannot imagine what will happen next, but I will try to go forward!
Those are my sketchbooks, they are helpful to explore and develop my ideas,
letting me away from my studio. I like to have this balance
between sketchbooks(drawings and paintings) and studio working.
This sketchbook work is an essential part for me.