good bye 2011, welcome 2012...

Looking back to the whole 2011...
it was a really full, great and challenging year for me.
It was a year to step forward from a student to a professional jeweller.
It was a year which I could get closer to my dream since a little girl.

I could not expect or imagine anything what would happen next until my degree show, but I am so glad to have new opportunities through shows.

I would like to thank all of them who helped me and gave me warm messages this year, at the same time, I hope I would meet more people and show you more jewellery next year.

The event in Edinburgh last night, Torchlight Procession,
this procession and the torchlight let me think that people carried their all memories of this year and walked forward together to welcome to a new year, no matter what their memories were. 
Time passes, no single thing does not stay there. We got to move forward. 
Every year of this moment, time reminds me that.

I hope everyone had a nice year this year 
and wish everyone would have a wonderful new year, 2012!







some works in progress....

This is the flower parts on the back of my pieces which nobody notices from the front. It is a secret between me and wearers. This is one of my future.

I have been making those parts.
I love making by hands, so even if it is tiny, I still want to make by hands. Now they are ready to go to gold-plating.

Also, some works in progress.
They are going to be last pieces this year!


my graduation

I had totally forgot about my graduation till my friends told me.
We were all away for New Designers in London last July,
so we attended to this late graduation.

I have never thought this moment would come when I came to Edinburgh.
I have spent most of my time here in the studio, making and making..
It was really precious time in thinking about designs all the time.

I am glad to see most of my classmates again Edinburgh.


one more collection...

I have just finished packing all my works!
They are going to, flying for London, tomorrow!
Please looking forward to seeing them.

Please be nice to people, my sweet babies!


some shows in London...

Some shows have started in London this week!
Please visit my work, there.

"Dazzle Special"

7th November 2011 - 8th January 2012
National Theater, South Bank, London SE1 9PX

About Dazzle from here.
My page at Dazzle from here.
National Theater's page from here.
Many jewellers from my class and also graduates are showing as well.

"The Designer Jewellers Group's annual Winter Exhibition" 
9th November 2011 - 6th January 2012
Barbican Centre, Silk Street, London EC2Y 8DS

About DJG website.
My page at DJG website
Barbican website.

We, 6 jewellers who are selected at New Designers last July, are guest exhibitors for this exhibition!

"Precious Space"
November 2011 to 14th January 2012
Gill Wing, 192 Upper Street islington, London N1 1RQ

About Gill Wing Jewellery website.


some more photos from GNCCF, Manchester

There are some professional photos from Great Northern Contemporary
Craft Fair, Graduates. Please have a look at out show online.

Photo by: GNCCF Faye Hatton


a shadow...

Finally, I have posted most of works for some shows in London.
The busiest time seems ending, now it is time to do something new
and some more research!

I found a beautiful shadow in my room tonight.
This is my scissors on my desk through the desk light.

Then, what I did was to start drawing on the shadow.

It has many different layers which I could not see from distance,
and subtle colours. It was really difficult...
I might have some shadow collections in my room this year.


Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair 2011

Now I stay in Manchester to attend the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair 2011. I have invited to this event through New Designers 2011 in London as Graduates.

This is my first show after the New Designers and I am currently working
as professional, well... I have just started, but surely,
this would be a great opportunity to meet new people and discover markets.
Everything I will learn from now is all lessons and practices through those opportunities.

This is the space for graduates who was selected through New Designers.

This is Manchester where I found interesting, 
but those photos are not obvious to describe the city...


manufactured and manufacturing...

I have manufactured some of my collections from the degree show.
I will have some shows and galleries starting from this month,
and will continue till the beginning of January 2012.

Please come and visit me or my works there.
There is some information on my website.

I personally do not like the same thing, 
anyway I have known it would not be the exact the same.
I made some new works for the shows, 
but still it is not enough developments from degree show,
so I am really looking forward to developing my new work after this month.


Galerie Marzee visit

I have been to the Netherlands to visit Galerie Marzee last month.
It was amazing weather. I prepared thick clothes for cold and wet weather,
but it was absolutely warm under the clear sky!

Galerie Marzee is in Nijmegen.
I did not expect it would be a big city, but there were many people
shopping and sitting in cafes: new and beautiful city.

It was Kunst Night in Nijmegen, and there was a music event in the gallery. I really enjoy their music! fantastic!

As you know, I love buildings and roof tiles.
There are absolutely so many wonderful architecture in the Netherlands.
I rent a bike and ran through all paths there!
It was really exciting moment for me!
They are all simple but unique and colourful.

My friend took me to a small town where many windmills are located.
It is really typical feature of the Netherlands and 
beautiful under the blue sky! 


new studio....

Since last week, I have started my new work in the same college..
It is just to keep on making new works
alongside the assistant in the college.

I have not touch any tools during summer,
so this week, I had to adapt myself in the new bench.
This is my new bench in the studio,
it is placed next to the enamelling room,
which is really handy for me!

The sunshine is sometimes strong and warm but it is already cold here.


summer in Japan

 Finally I came back home after the long journey.
It has past 1 year already since the last visit!

Green, green, green and green everywhere in Kumamoto.
Especially, I love the place, Aso!

Also, some old and new traditional archtecture which my favorite things!! 
They are really attractive, sexy!

also the huge blue sky...

some elements I loved....

always, old and new things exist together......


also nothing stays same....