Galerie Marzee visit

I have been to the Netherlands to visit Galerie Marzee last month.
It was amazing weather. I prepared thick clothes for cold and wet weather,
but it was absolutely warm under the clear sky!

Galerie Marzee is in Nijmegen.
I did not expect it would be a big city, but there were many people
shopping and sitting in cafes: new and beautiful city.

It was Kunst Night in Nijmegen, and there was a music event in the gallery. I really enjoy their music! fantastic!

As you know, I love buildings and roof tiles.
There are absolutely so many wonderful architecture in the Netherlands.
I rent a bike and ran through all paths there!
It was really exciting moment for me!
They are all simple but unique and colourful.

My friend took me to a small town where many windmills are located.
It is really typical feature of the Netherlands and 
beautiful under the blue sky!