ring a day

In the first week of the new semester, I had a project, "ring a day".
Without saying anything,it is obvious. I made a ring a day.

When I came here, Edinburgh, last year, everything which came into my eyes impressed me; such a great view, the castle, and beautiful parks.
And lots of excitements entertained me, 
and then I used them for my projects and works.
The longer I stayed here, the more I found myself 
that how much my identity is rooted in Japan.
Since last semester, I have been researching Japanese architecture
in forms and patterns, which I am impressed most.
Also I have got some Japanese materials from Japan during summer, kimono(silk), bamboo, wood and traditional paper.
By combining those materials and the architecture,
my jewellery have got my strong characteristics in them.

Those are all rings, but I am not going to say how to wear them.
I would like people to take them in hands and feel the texture
and weight and play with them, then naturally they will find
their ways of wearing.


St Andrews

I went to St Andrews Museum to see the exhibition, Causing Chaos.
The collection is really great, amazing, especially ceramics.
I love ceramics and huge scale of jewellery!!

The St Andrews, of course, it is famous for golf.
I have played here with my dad last June.
I have never seen my dad in that exciting!!

There are collapsed castle and cathedral, amazing view under this very scottish weather.

It was really quiet and peaceful Saturday.