a sign of spring

The air temperature of has changed recently.
The wind is warmer and softer on my face.

The sunlight is getting longer.
The sky looks higher and clearer.

Just a little sign of the next season.
Everything looks brighter and more lively.
I love warm weather, maybe a transition from winter to spring,
and from spring to summer. Plants bloom and get colours.

I found such a soft and sensitive shadow the other day.
It looks alive on asphalt under the dark sky.


which one is going to the next stage?

I had a review meeting today, so I looked back to my pieces 
which I made this semester.

Some of them are successful, the others are not.
Now it is the time to select, which one is going to be developed further.
or some will be remade again to achieve more professional  quality.


norwegian wood

I watched "Norwegian Wood" in Glasgow,
it was one of the films in Glasgow film festival.

I have read some books of the author, Haruki Murakami.
His description and words are sensitive and really beautiful.
Every situation can be easily imagined in my mind through his words.
I am glad to be able to watch it.
I hope everyone can read it in Japanese. It will make a lot of differences!


I love my ceramics.

I do ceramics every week and I love it.

a huge mug cup for tea... but this glazing is not suitable for food...
such a pity...

I wanted to have rice with this, but it is the same reason...

Those will be my tool boxes in the studio!

Again, I have been making those pieces.
I have not counted yet, but I assume they are more than 100 pieces.
Please wait and imagine how they are going to be.

Today, it was really foggy day, and the castle has been missing....


more nails...bamboo...

I have been trying to develop the nail pieces into my design.
I am thinking to make a big neck piece and earrings.
I love the touch of those pieces, and also they moves and make clank sounds.
Honestly, I have so many ideas in my head, and I cannot catch up with them!

I love lichen, it is such a beautiful creatures.
I like the texture and colours, so beautiful.


some new ideas...

I have been obsessed by enamelling and here I got some new ideas
in combination with fabrics.I quite like those small tiny enameled bits!





my drawing has come out from my sketchbook!

Another week is passing...I feel like it's so quickly recently.
In Edinburgh, the strong wind ranges over the city.
It is like a storm, and also thunder, hail, and rain.
In Japan, we believe that the spring has come
when the south wind blows hard over the country in February or March.

This is the my design for the silversmith competition,
and some flower arrangements.


Also I did this drawing long time ago, and I really enjoyed this.
By accident, this drawing jumped out from my sketchbook!
I could make this in jewellery for some reasons.
I quite like playing with those tiny enameled bits,
so I will develop more and more!!