costume and display

I have been thinking some display design for degree show.
I have not decided how to hand or put my works,
but this is the most essential part,
because my works will be shown to the public.

what should I prepare....? how and where and some colours...?? hmmmmm

Those are earrings....

One more collaboration work with a girl in performance costume department,
Ilona Russell. She wants to have a neck piece which looks like candies! 
It looks so sweet!!

her drawings...

and her costume of Peter. I made the nail parts for her!
This work is now on line!

(photo by Ilona Russell)

Also some additional things for the fashion collaboration.
I have not made any of those buttons, but just heated by gas torch 
to achieve this texture which the girl in fashion department 
got inspirations from Cambodian temples.


I made the other test piece before.