long summer holiday - Austria

next country is Austria.
I was exciting to see this country.
As expected, the scenery from the train was amazing.
The Alps was stood there and people live there in valleys.

in Salzburg, 
the river, the castle, the high mountains, and the blue sky!
narrow paths and small stairs to the hills.

the power cable cut the sky. but this is really interesting for me.

the tree or the building, which is older?

in Wien, the weather was not good, so I did not enjoy the sun.
but I really enjoyed the old buildings and the city.
It was such a huge city than I expected!

Especially the Museum Hundertwasser is my favorite!
I did not know about him till I came here, 
but his drawings are amazing, beautiful and they vary in colours and themes.

He also built some houses collaborating with architects.
They are unusual shape, colours and structures.
This experience makes me to go to Spain to see Gaudi's architecture.

At the Leopold Museum, my favorite artists are,
I do not know how they made such fantastic world by painting!