long summer holiday - Irkutsk&the lake Baikal, Russia

I am a kind of architecture freak!
I love buildings and I love how they stand there with other environments,
such as nature, people and location!

So, in Irkutsk, I was just amazed how much the weather,
especially snow in Russia affects people's lives.
You can see those houses......
I do not think they do enough maintenance,
but it shows the evidence of severe snow!

When it is raining, it is really cool, even cold,
but when it is sunny, it is extremely hot and dry!

the buildings are leaning by the weak base or just sinking  in the ground?

I do not know why windows are build at this low level...
How does it look like inside the rooms...?

even the bus is sinking...?

It seems it is very common to decorate around window frames or doors!
Maybe it differs by architects, belifs or tribes?

those beers remind me that Japan is almost there!
We were heading to the East! 

Then, of course, I went to the lake Baikal.
It was just huge, I could not completely believe it was lake, but the ocean!

There was buildings in ruins...
It was not scary at all under the strong sunlight, but even beautiful...

Again, leaving for Vladivostok, it took another 3 days!