long summer holiday - Moscow-Irkutsk, Russia

After I had seen many beautiful buildings in Saint Petersburg and Moscow,
finally I had stepped in the Trans-Siberian Train from Moscow to Irkutsk.
I took 3 days and we just got off and on at some stations,
or slept and ate during the days...

I could not imagine how it looked like,
but I had been just amazed how Russian people travel or transport by the train
over the big country.I know Russia is a huge country,
but still it was really impressive experience for me!

My perception of time had totally changed during this train journey.
Staying in the coach for 3 days made me feel like
"we have only 12 hours till the final stop!!".
12 hours is such a long time in daily life, isn't it?
I was so sad to get off from the train in 12 hours....!!