Edinburgh College of Art Degree Show 2013

I visited Edinburgh last weekend. It has been 8 months since I left. I think since I saw the photos of Edinburgh in 2008 in Tokyo, it became my special place. I think it would not change forever...

The Edinburgh Castle was still there, like knowing everything that has happened there, or probably, it does not know anything, just sitting there. If the castle could feel anything, I would like to talk to it.

Every corner in Edinburgh could be a nice photo, such a pretty city...

My art school, Edinburgh College of Art...

I studied there only for 2 years and stayed as an artist in residence after that, so this college is my starting point as a jeweller. It was really meaningful and great sentimental visit for me.

Jeweller works this year were really dynamic. I was impressed that the students created much bigger scale works than other years with any kind of materials. 

I personally like those works, really playful with great choices of texture and material.

Sally Morrison

Emelie Westerlund

The sculpture and print work, Davy Forsyth.
They are beautiful prints using this sculptural equipment, "metal salt printing."

It is always inspiring to visit art schools' degree show. They are all fresh talents!