final assessment!

It was a final hand-in day, today.
Everybody in my class has been stressed out and stayed late last 2 weeks.
However, we have all handed-in everything we have done this year!
Now we are all free to do lots of fun things and more creative things,
releasing from the stress of the college assessment.

Those are all my stuff I handed in today.
I have found many test pieces in a box which I made before and
have not seen for ages. They look quite interesting now.

However I found in myself that I have never satisfied with what I have done.
This is my nature, so I just feel normal as usual and look toward 
the future. When I saw my pieces at the exhibition space, 
I did not feel those were good enough to show my final year, 
at the same time, undoubtedly they are all my evidence of this year.
Probably, if I worked harder, I could see more visual depth 
in my collection. I would like to make some more pieces 
which my experiments and researches could be seen through 
in sophisticated quality. This is my next task.

This is not a goal, but maybe just one of passing points in my life,
or just a start point as an artist.
Most important thing is to keep making jewellery or art works.