fashion & costume show 2011

It was eca fashion show 2011 this week.
Students from year 2,3 and 4 exhibited their works.
I am really impressed their works and some of my collaboration works.

Garments and costumes are lively on bodies, music and performances.
Those works look much greater on bodies rather than on still mannequins.
It is true for jewellery as well. The show was absolutely amazing.

My collaboration with a costume artist, Ilona Russell.

I made those long fingernails.

Also a candies-looking necklace.

on the right: Costume designer, Ilona Russell
on the left: Model for the costume, Josh

The other collaboration with a fashion designer, Vera Chan.
My patinated bangles fit very well on her garments.

Also, I have got a new buddy for my work.
"Doraemon" is a very famous cartoon character in Japan.
He can take innovative tools from the future world from his 4D pocket.
This is a cover for my hard-disc driver.
My sister gave me when I went back home last summer, so cute!